Monday, November 13, 2017


As I grow older…..
It is almost compelling
To talk or to write
To express….

Alone in my room,
Wondering why?

Water is dripping from a leaking tap,
Making sound,
Disturbing tranquility.

I  look up
Overhead tank is almost empty……

Not long
Before sound stops.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Art of NOT living...

Art of not living!

I will read all books I want to....when I have some more time!

I will travel all places I want to...... later some times!

I will meet my old time pals..... Some day!

I will sure relish food I love.....later when relaxed!

I will take days off to do nothing.... when retired!

I want to play like a child.... but stop when think of others around!

I will express my true someone someday

Have been waiting for right time, right person, right ambiance, right........
How long will I?

Days and years pass..... Yet I always seem to think,

I have lots of time!


Sunday, October 2, 2016


A painting with a verse. 
(Watercolor on white drawing paper 15”x11”)

Often there is an illusion that I am giving.

Meditation brings me back on the right track!
And peace  again!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Search me
You will see many wounds

Some healed, some healing and
New appearing!
Yet I stretch beyond my limits
For it creates more space
New terrain,
And gives me moments
That helps me discover new me

Wounds heal with time
Space created remain within for ever

Come Soon....a call

Space where
I am not sleeping
Yet not awake, though aware
In the wonderland
With wings on
Gliding slowly
Far above grounds of reality
Far bellow hollows of dreams
Waiting for you,
Here is where I will be found

Space where
No gravity applies
No pain exist
No efforts needed,
Here is where I will be found,
Waiting for you

Come soon
My friend

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Overwhelmed by events,
Whirl of cause and effects follow

....... Pause
To reflect

And deep within a voice

“Let go...
 Love is to surrender”

Easy comes
reflections in nature.

Acrylic colors on canvas.
Size of Canvas:  18" x 15"


Thursday, March 24, 2016

A moderate speaks.

Hi friends,

I have been a religious moderate.

As a value system in family since my childhood, talks are generally goody –goody when it comes to talking about faith. One never takes close look at facts on the ground.

I think it is so because it keeps us well within our comfort zone.  It will also avoid others to point at negatives of faith that we follow.

Can I chose to have same comfort for long and avoid speaking what I feel is truth, though it may mean I may not appear to be a very polite goody- goody guy? 
I may, with dire consequences for my children and my grand children.

I came across a video which very systematically describes how being a moderate we just give cover to what we really not approve.  Let me post it for you.
I believe religions have outlived their useful life. Now what remains is politics of it. 

I have expressed my view on individual connection with God in my poem 
Enjoy this video. Thoughts very well articulated.

Please spare few minutes in silence and think, can you afford luxury of being a silent spectator?

If answer is no, what can you do?

Monday, December 28, 2015

Not everything change

Holding your hand
Carrying a bag heavy with your stuff
Taking to doctors
Waiting for hours
Is as adoring as
Taking you for a fine dinner, my friend!

Each new stage of life
New role played
Yet same old feelings!
Same, always!

What change is on periphery
Centre remains unaffected.   

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Madness again

A bloody day again
How long will this madness go on?
How foolish it is of them
To think that mindless killings will change
Nature of human on earth.
Can it kill
Innocence                                           Love
And mercy in people?


how long will world avoid looking where problem is?

Let world unite to say

“An individual’s connection with God (call Him by any name)
Is his private matter
It is up to him how he finds and maintains his connection
No state can have religion
No school can have religion
No place of prayer/meditation can have religion
No funding for religion”

For purpose of religions is lost
Politics of it remains


Sunday, September 6, 2015



A candle
Spreads light
So others may see...

And when
Its time is over
It stops being

No demands
No expectations
No traces

Just passing through....
Some call it burning

I say it is living